JOB-PASSPORT Terms of Service for Employers


Terms and conditions as specified below (hereinafter called “Terms of Service”) were agreements made between JOB PASSPORT Focus Co., Ltd. and affiliates (hereinafter called the “Company”) as a service provider of job searches and/or job applications for Job Seekers and searches of resumes and/or job advertisements for Employers through websites and/or applications of JOB-PASSPORT, and Employers as the users.

Terms and conditions as specified herein shall be binding the Employers upon their accepting to “Agree” of these “Terms of Service”. Please read these “Terms of Service” thoroughly and completely before starting the use of the service. The Company reserved its rights to correct, change or add the Terms of Service without prior notification to the Employers. The Company hereby recommended the Employers to check the Terms of Service regularly during their use. However, in case, the Company significantly changed the Terms of Service, the Company would notify the same to the Employers via emails or would notify the same to the Employers by means of announcement on the website and/or application of JOB-PASSPORT.



Under these Terms of Service, unless provided otherwise, any of the following “words” and “expressions” shall be defined as below:

means the service of job searches and/or job applications for Job Seekers and the search of resumes and/or job advertisements for the Employers through websites and/or applications, including future products of JOB-PASSPORT;

means the advertisements of job vacancies with the objective of personnel hiring in any job positions, including any patterns of advertising as they appear on JOB-PASSPORT;

means data, audio files, music, pictures, videos and other similar things;

means natural persons or juristic persons lawfully registered, including limited partnerships, limited companies, public limited companies and/or juristic persons under other laws who has applied for membership with JOB-PASSPORT.

“Job Seeker”
means users of JOB-PASSPORT with an objective of job seeking which includes users who have subscribed to JOB-PASSPORT membership and users who have not subscribed to JOB-PASSPORT membership;

“Job Applicant”
means an applicant for a job position as it appears or is advertised on JOB-PASSPORT;

means usernames as created by the Employers and approved for logging in and use of services of JOB-PASSPORT;

means the code specified by the Employers which approved for use in services of JOB-PASSPORT;

means services presented on JOB-PASSPORT both with costs and without costs, including presentation of useful information to the Employers, Job Seekers and/or general public;

Resumes” means the personal profiles of Job Seekers, including educational background and work experience provided by Job Seekers which are kept in the JOB-PASSPORT system with consent from the data owners;

“Job Applications”
means applications created by Job Seekers for job positions as they appear or are advertised on JOB-PASSPORT;


1. Usernames and Passwords


2. Scope of Service Provision


3. Nature of Service Provision

“JOB-PASSPORT” is the service of job searches and/or job applications for Job Seekers and the search of resumes and/or job advertisements for the Employers, and the presentation of useful data and information to Job Seekers and the Employers using services in terms of Data, articles, pictures, content, figures used by the Employers for personal presentation or announcement on JOB-PASSPORT services to general public and third parties shall be regarded as the sole responsibilities of the Employers. Since the Company had no powers to control, modify and/or correct the same, therefore, the Company was unable to guarantee the correctness, validity or reliability of Data, articles, pictures, content or figures as presented by the Employers. However, the Company would make its reasonable efforts to supervise the Data, articles, pictures, content, figures or presentation in any patterns thereof on advertisements or announcements on JOB-PASSPORT services as may be suitable.

Regarding the use of JOB-PASSPORT service, Employers may be charged with service fees, or Employers may use such JOB-PASSPORT service free of charges. Employers agreed and consented to comply with the requirements specified in these Terms of Service. Provided that the Employers were informed and acknowledged not to take any of the following actions:


4. Service Packages & Credit


5. Acceptance of the Terms of Service


6. Responsibilities of Employers


7. Liabilities

The Company shall assume no responsibilities for any dispute or damage, including direct or indirect damage as well as expenses incurred due to any of the following reasons:


8. Membership and Public Relations


9. Termination of Membership
Employers acknowledged and accepted that the Company shall be entitled to terminate the membership, to suspend the whole or part of the service provision, and to delete statements, announcements, Advertising and content available in JOB-PASSPORT service, or to prevent the access to such content or service for any reason whatsoever, including (but not limited to) the use of service with reasonable grounds to believe that Employers breached these Terms of Service, then, the Company shall suspend the service provision without prior notification. The Company shall assume no responsibilities for Employers or third parties in case of termination of membership, suspension of the whole or part of service provision, including deletion of statements, announcements, Advertising and content available on JOB-PASSPORT service, or prevention of access to the above-mentioned content or service.


10. Data and Documents Used through JOB-PASSPORT Service


11. Disclosure of Data
Employers agreed and consented that the Company may disclose the Data of Employers which was sent to the Company or recorded and kept in JOB-PASSPORT system in any of the following cases:


12. Protection of Personal Data and Rights of Data Owners


13. Intellectual Property
All intellectual properties, including rights in copyrights, trademarks and service marks relating to the service provision of software, information, user accounts, Data, words, pictures, audio files, content, presentation methods or services as provided, created, designed or developed by JOB-PASSPORT on the website and/or applications of JOB-PASSPORT or obtained during the service provision shall be regarded as the sole rights of the Company. It is prohibited to reproduce, copy, photocopy, modify, disseminate or take any other actions for dissemination to general public or any actions in the manner of seeking of benefits unless receiving a prior written consent from the Company. In any case whatsoever, the Company reserved its rights to take immediate legal actions against violators of such rights.


14. Applicable Laws
These Terms of Service or other related contracts shall be subject to and governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand.

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