With the success in job search website under the name JOB-PASSPORT.COM, we are pleased to offer more service under the name of JOB-PASSPORT Recruitment in order to serve you better.

Right from the very first start of your recruitment needs, we will be your assistant to get through all time consuming process and streamline your recruitment process so that you can only interview a limited number of the right and qualified candidates.

More than 200,000 resumes in our database through varieties of marketing activities, we have resumes ranged from entry-level to experienced and executive management positions which we have verified, screened and updated to be ready for effective recruitment.

Our service is provided on a success fee basis. This means that there are no costs to you until the most qualified candidate is identified and he/she commences his/her work. We will also find a replacement candidate with no additional costs if the candidate leaves his/her post during the guarantee period. Your satisfactory is our commitment.

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