Having the same problems
as most HR in leading companies ???

Have you ever wanted to recruit just one person, but have to go through hundreds of in-coming resumes? Even you wanted to randomly select to read them, but you were afraid of missing some good ones. Still you don’t have time to read them all.

Not only can you post ads and search for qualified candidates via job-passport.com, Our Resume Organizer will also help you screen and file those resumes.

With Resume Organizer, you can just enter the keywords of resumes you’ve kept, only the resumes containing those words will be shown. Yes, it works like you have a search engine in your file cabinet.

Say goodbye to those stacks of resumes& time-consuming task when all your work can be easily done at your fingertips. To learn more, CLICK TO SEE EXAMPLE.

Ease your resume screening tasks with our "Resume Organizer"

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