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JOB-PASSPORT.COM, Asia’s first job-search website providing Online Assessment System to assess Candidates’ language skills and assist you to easily screen out unqualified ones whose language skills do not actually meet requirement as claimed in the application. JOB-PASSPORT.COM has been created and designed based on the concept of solving recruiting problems in the job market.

Through our well-designed & user-friendly system, not only will save your time & money but you will also enjoy all the recruiting process and find it easier than ever.
++ Enjoy your search, get prompt response & organize it all via JOB-PASSPORT!

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Benefits of being Members

  • You can easily edit or update your ads as well as open or close job positions, post your logo and map anytime via job-passport.com.
  • Search for qualified candidates via our Resume Search with the keyword you want.
  • Get Job Alert service informing candidates of the positions you are looking for.
  • Get Candidate Alert Service matching qualified candidates for you.
  • Our Resume Management System will help you screen all incoming resume, filing and finding the kept ones.
  • Test candidates' skills via our Online Assessment System knowing how good they are before making interviews. English Tests issued by evaluate Grammar, Listening & Reading skills. Japanese Test is issued by , Waseda University which will assess Grammar, Vocabulary, and Kanji.
  • Free Speaking Assessment with Native Speakers at Berlitz. Describe in details how good their English are and how well they can handle jobs.
  • SMS Appointment. Quick and Easy. Making appointment via our SMS service system which will be delivered within a minute. Only ready-to-work candidates will get back to you.
  • Free Corporate Assessment for your staff at Berlitz.
  • Get 10% discount for Corporate Training Course at Berlitz.

JOB-PASSPORT.COM reserves the right not to provide any resume access to any party doing direct sales, networking, or MLM Business.

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