JOB-PASSPORT.COM, Asia `s first job-search website providing Online Assessment System to assess your skill. When filling out the application form, you (as many candidates) always face the problem of how to grade yourself your language skill since you are not sure if your skill is called "excellent, good, fair or poor".

The employers sometimes think that candidates mislead them since the candidates’ language skills didn`t seem to meet their expectation. With our providing online tests both in English and Japanese, candidates can make a self-assessment and get the test result right away so that both candidates and employers can have it as a benchmark setting to assess their language skills in the same way.

Through our well-designed and user- friendly system, not only will we make you enjoy seeking for job opportunity, but we also make all process easier than ever!

Benefits of being Members

  • Apply jobs to leading companies via our website and easily edit or update your resume anytime.
  • An opportunity to get contact and job offers from leading companies directly.
  • Get Job-Alert via e-mails, notifying you of new jobs.
  • Keep & organize all the jobs you have selected or applied for.
  • Free online skill assessment with our
  • Free English speaking skill assessment with native speaker offered at Berlitz after Test.
  • 1,000 Baht discount for a Job Interview Course (private session) at Berlitz
  • Chances to join activities & win many prizes from

No fee for being Member. All services and benefits we provide for you are for your own advantage with no charge. The Company reserves the right not to provide any access of resume search to any party doing direct sales, networking ,or MLM business.

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